Saturday, 17 March 2012

Huxley's Last Three Weeks in Pictures

It has been three weeks of charming and disarming.

First contact with godfather-in-chief Mr Ian Stones.   In the arms of the agent for global opera stars and friend to Domingo, Huxley could yet be the first English Toy Terrier to appear at the Garden.

Jacqueline Lewin restrained the terrier from gorging on Pa Cotton's best finger.

 Jacqui's rainbow octopus got the savaging instead.  The defenceless creature had its eyes ripped off within a minute.

One of his grandfathers was called Maggical Paws.

Colin Campbell and Huxley.  Does this not have something of an Athena poster about it?  The one with the hunk holding up the baby?

Uncle Christian tells Master H all about the fun he'll have on mini-breaks in Stockwell.

 I can see what Christian and Bob are trying to do here but I don't regard this as exemplary puppy care.

Being a son of Barnsley and always speaking as he finds, Steve Rose came sceptical about the charms of small dogs.

Obviously a change of mind at neutrino speeds.

"You're not listening to a word I'm saying!"

Sorry, this might make you sick but he is the Special One.

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