Saturday, 25 February 2012

Black, Tan and Blonde

Cherub in Reverie

Huxley hosted a stream of glamorous visitors this afternoon, flying in from locations as distant as Preston Park and Sevenoaks.   For afternoon tea came godmother-in-chief Alexandra Feachem and miniature dachshund devotee Zuzana Feachem, bringing with them the gift of a Geo F Trumper brush for Mr H.  After the excitement, H fell onto Sasha's bosom for a dreamy snuggle snooze.

Devil Dog Incarnate

Not thirty minutes later, canine mayhem erupted with the arrival of Anne.  The geography teacher's blonde tresses turned H into a nibbling whirling dervish with a  hair fetish.  A gently applied head lock and the promise of an evening of baby sitting later in the week brought the situation under control.

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