Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Huxley's First Day at New Broadcasting House

It was tense smuggling him past Security in a messenger bag with a blanket flung over him. His snout was poking right out and he was writhing around inside, the blanket bobbing up and down madly. The services of Agent Feachem were invaluable as she swished just ahead of me distracting the Corporation's operative with a flick of her pink scarf....  

Once safely inside Zone D and within the freezing call centre - sorry new Radio Science Unit - the young dog behaved almost impeccably and brought comfort to the shivering serfs attempting to make this week's radio science output. There were several red alert moments as A&M apparatchiks came through on their patrols. Rapidly erected barriers of backpacks to conceal the undercover puppy were in order. His cover was almost blown when he began to chew his squeaky toy ferret. Several times Agent Feachem and I had drop the heights of seats and drive our legs under the desk to avert the daleks spying him on our laps.

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