Monday, 19 March 2012

Terrier and Chihuahua at Play

At last Huxley finds a playmate smaller than him.

My sister Deb's chihuahua, Millie.  My sister is the one in the furry moon boots.

Millie establishes dominance with the sweep of one paw.

 Get up you wimp.

Everybody was kung fu fighting.  To me, he's got the look of Velociraptor about to disembowel.
A little worrying.

After two and half hours of chasing each other around my sister's house, friends forever I reckon.

Master H is too hot to handle for my niece Sophie.  Millie is not amused.

Tomorrow, there will actually be a science post, related to the Radio 4 programme about human space exploration that I've just made with the Talented Dr Fong.  Scott's Legacy Episode 2  includes interviews with Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmidt, NASA boss Charles Bolden and space engineer/visionary Elon Musk of rocket company SpaceX on how he's going to get us to Mars.  Watch out for BBC News story on this tomorrow morning.

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