Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Turkey - Moyy Hotel, Camlihemsin

An perfect 5 out of 5 hotel recommendation for Camlihemsin, gateway village to the Kackar Mountains.  This is Moyy Hotel.

The hotel is the last remaining old building in the main street of the village.  It was rescued from demolition a few years ago by the hotel owner Ozlem Erol.  She has done an amazing job in restoring the interiors and exterior of the 80 year old house.  It had been disused and was in rack and ruin for three decades.

Rooms come with two beds, or a double.

This double looks out on the Firtina River and mountains through which the river rushes.

Our two bed room cost about £60 per night, a price which included delicious breakfast on the balcony (also overlooking the river).

....including excellent local cheeses,

And these cakes and pastries. 

The dinners here were also superb and good value at about 30 Turkish lira, about £12.  If you ever come to this area, stay in this hotel for at least some of the visit - Moyy Miniotel.

The road north of Camlihemsin is overlooked from on high by other interesting old buildings.  18th century mansions - many derelict or decaying - which were built by locals who made stacks of money elsewhere.


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