Sunday, 22 January 2012

Canis lupus familiaris - the English Toy Terrier

For the Palaeolithic's most significant happening, forget the development of language, cave art and the seeds of agriculture.  It was the evolution of the bond between Homo sapiens and the wolf ancestors of this cheeky pup.

The apogee of that 15 000 year old relationship is the English Toy Terrier.  And this little baby is soon to join an adoring home by the seaside with me, MJC and cats, Minx and Tricky (they've been cool with visiting small dogs in the past...).  On 15th February, the young pup will be making the journey to Brighton and Hove, after waving fond farewells to his breeder Vanora and mother Teila at their Cotswold home.

Here he is again, chowing down with one of his sisters.

Update on name:  After many suggestions (some great, some perplexing) the boy is to be called Huxley. 

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